Mental health problems can affect anyone, regardless of age, gender, race or social background. Despite this however, studies have shown that certain mental illnesses affect men and women differently.


Perhaps the most interesting (and worrying) finding is that while on average more women are diagnosed with common mental health problems than men, the rate of male suicide is significantly higher.

According to the Mental Health Foundation, every year in the UK 70 million workdays are lost due to mental illness, including anxiety, depression and stress related conditions. This means mental illness is the leading cause of sickness and absence from work.

In 2015, 75% of all suicides in the UK were male. It is the single biggest killer of men under the age of 35 in the UK. 


Charitable Giving

The Charlie Watkins Foundation has been formed to receive funds in memory of Charlie Watkins.


These funds are to be used at the discretion of the trustees of the foundation to support Charities and initiatives whose primary focus it to assist young people with mental health issues.

Through Essex Community Foundation, the Charlie Watkins Foundation will be supporting a new 18-month project run by the Colchester and Tendring Youth Enquiry Service (YES). 

More information can be found on our projects page.



Charlie Watkins was only 22 when he took his life in March 2017. Sadly, Charlie never recovered from the tragic loss of his mother when he was only nine years old. Charlie is one of many examples of young people who suffer from mental health issues today, and the Charlie Watkins Foundation aims to raise funds for trustees of the foundation to better support young people suffering from mental illness problems.

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